Do I Need Probiotics?

Did you know that your body’s largest immune system organ is your intestines? Traditionally, people that have consumed large quantities of probiotic-containing foods have had especially long life spans. In fact, the word “probiotic” literally means “for life”.  Unfortunately, most of us no longer have a diet or lifestyle that keep large numbers of these important bacteria in our bodies.

The right probiotic will go to work directly in your intestines to help digest your food and purge wastes from the body. In order to perform these key functions, it is vital to maintain a balance of friendly probiotic bacteria.

Major Factors Affecting Your Natural Balance of Friendly Bacteria:

Without realizing it, every day you eat processed, over-refined, or sterilized foods that destroy the natural balance of healthy flora in your intestines. Even when eating a so-called healthy diet, your body’s flora is bombarded with chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics that further endanger this delicate balance of friendly bacteria. In addition, most of us don’t eat enough if any of the traditional, naturally fermented foods that contain these bacteria.

Studies have shown that over time, the body becomes less efficient at digesting food and maintaining high levels of probiotics in the intestines.

Stress, alcohol, caffeine, and medications such as antibiotics are killers when it comes to your body’s supply of friendly bacteria. Taking a probiotic supplement can provide your intestines with the vital bacteria it is missing as well as help your body produce its own brand of B vitamins to combat stress and disease.


“I consider probiotics one of the most useful—and underutilized—modalities available for preserving health.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Author of NY Times bestseller,
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Dr. Khem Shahani truly is the father of today’s probiotic industry. His research and products have helped my clients for over twenty years. Probiotics build health; overuse of antibiotics in animal feed and as ‘people medicine’ eventually
destroys health.”
Bonnie C. Minsky, MA, MPH, CNS, LDN
Author of Nutrition in a Nutshell
and Our Children’s Health

“I believe in the total management of the patient. Probiotics have now become a part of my standard treatment protocol.”
Frederic J. Vagnini, M.D., FACS, FACN