Probiotic Pioneer Research


DR. KHEM SHAHANI, founder of Nebraska Cultures, Inc., was a pioneer in the field of probiotics and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading probiotic authorities on probiotics and their role in digestive health.

Dr. Shahani’s groundbreaking research set the stage for today’s peaking interest and growing consumer acceptance of probiotic supplementation for improved health.

His extraordinary research began in the late 1950’s at the University of Nebraska in what was then the little-known field of “lactic acid bacteria.”  Dr. Shahani searched extensively to isolate the best probiotic strains, through rigorous study and testing, focusing on a superstrain of Lactobacillus acidophilus which he named DDS-1, for the Department of Dairy Science Number One strain.  He then developed a step-by-step proprietary process, still in use today, to cultivate and stabilize the probiotic microorganisms through every step of the manufacturing process and delivery chain.

During a career spanning almost 50 years, the late Dr. Shahani had over 200 articles published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals, was a consultant for international agencies such as the World Health Organization, and received numerous awards, including The Borden Award, The Dairy Research Award, and The Pfizer Award from the American Dairy Science Association.

Dr. Shahani’s name on product labels signifies both the best and the ORIGINAL probiotic developed by Dr. Shahani himself.  Others have tried to imitate, but none have succeeded in duplicating the qualities of the original Dr. Shahani’s probiotics. Review Dr. Shahani’s Curriculum Vitae »