Why Dr. Shahani’s?


DR. SHAHANI’S PROBIOTICS are all-natural dietary supplements containing the DDS-1 strain L. Acidophilus and internationally recognized as the “Cadillac” of probiotic strains. They are unlike any other probiotic supplement on the market today and have been developed as the result of years of scientific research in probiotics.

Dr. Shahani’s L. Acidophilus is a valuable strain of probiotic because it is one of the only probiotics that can survive the stomach acids and bile salts of the digestive system. Once the probiotic is implanted in the intestinal wall, it can multiply many times over to bring the digestive system back into its microbial balance.

Dr. Shahani’s probiotics have been shown to help alleviate various undesirable health conditions including:

Dr. Shahani’s probiotics are manufactured and packaged under strict conditions, guaranteeing the highest level of quality to our customers.
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Because of his pioneering research in the field of friendly bacteria or probiotics, Dr. Shahani is now respected as one of the most important figures in probiotic research.